Photo Booth Prop Instructions

Required Supplies

You will need the following items to assemble the props:

  • 1. Heavy card stock - Use the thickest card stock for the best results.
  • 2. Glue or tape
  • 3. Sticks - bamboo skewers, dowels, or other long/thin sticks will work.
  • 4. Optional - cutting board - a self-healing cutting board will provide a safe surface for cutting out props with a knife.


1. Open the File

Open the PDF file for the prop you want to create. You will need a PDF reader for this. Download Adobe Reader if you don't have one installed.

2. Print

Print the props on heavy card stock. Please note that printed colors may differ somewhat from what you see on your monitor. This is normal.

3. Cut Out

Cut the props out with scissors and/or an X-Acto knife. We found that scissors were often easier to use around the edges of props. An X-Acto knife makes it easier to cut out inner areas such as the lenses for sunglasses.

4. Attach Sticks

Attach the sticks to the props with glue. Generally, you want to attach the stick to either the edge of the prop or the center. Choose whichever option works best for each prop. Any kind of glue should work. We tested with craft glue, glue sticks, and a spray adhesive. All of these options provided a secure bond between the prop and stick. Other approaches such as tape or a hot glue gun will work too.

5. Set Aside to Dry

Place the props on a flat surface to dry.


Taller props need support to prevent them from falling over or curving. Attach more of the stick to the prop for support.

Position the sticks in the best location for each prop. For things like glasses, lips, and mustaches, the edge of the prop is probably the best place for the stick. For items like signs, speech bubbles, etc., use the center of the prop.

Avoid using too much glue to prevent the glue from bleeding through the front of the prop.